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#23/2005: Paul Boyce, Ph.D. [subscription at csg-i.com]

This RV-7A was first flown in April 2004 and painted in June 2005.  It has a Superior XP-IOF360 engine with FADEC, turning a Sensenich FP metal prop.  I'm a low time pilot and the FADEC system really reduces my workload--and the side benefit is that the engine runs extremely efficiently at all times. The  panel is all electric--the Ipaq PDA on  the left runs the GPS and the Ipaq PDA on the right is my engine monitor, using PCFlightSystems software.  Autopilots by Trutrak, an oxygen system and an XM satellite radio make for a very comfortable X-country machine. Paint was by GLO Custom in Texas. I now have 175 hours on the plane and from day 1 has run flawlessly.

Thanks go to my father, Gordon Boyce, for key assistance in the construction, Chuck Stark the EAA Tech Counselor for sound advice, Marv Manley for helping with the fiberglass work, Rory Hansen for being the test pilot and Chuck Armstrong for being a faithful assistant in the construction.  I couldn't have done it without you guys!

Update August 2010:  The plane has close to 400 hours on it and I can report that it has been a great flyer! Typical performance on economy cruise is 155 kts TAS with a fuel burn of typically 7.3 gph.  Some changes since the above report:  I now have over 500 hours total time as a pilot. The panel now incorporates a Garmin 696 GPS and a Halo headset, which I much prefer over the Bose. I also installed a halon engine compartment fire extinguisher system.

Paul Boyce, Ph.D.
subscription at csg-i.com
Sedona, AZ

#22/2005: John Siebold [johnlyn  at icehouse.net]
"611S is a RV-7 slow build requiring 1200 hours airframe, 1000  hours firewall forward, panel, and systems, 300 hours fooling with  fiberglass and sloshing on paint, all taking 3 1/2 years for a first-time effort.
It now has 116 hours and a million dead bugs to its credit,  but the windshield has kept the RV Grin unsullied through many cross-countries.  Keep at those projects, builders; you'll have a  wonderful flying machine.
  The IFR capability and panel is about  as analog as one can get without having to wind up clock springs, yet  there's no information or convenience I miss with an SL30 + MD80 and  Garmin 196 coupled to a Navaid. Even has a marker beacon. Dual Light Speed ignitions, and electric gyros with standby alternator are easy to  maintain, which is also why the Aero Sport Power O-360 has an  overhaul-it-on-the-kitchen-table cheap carburetor. I also like  comprehendible steam locomotives and appreciate gravity-like reliability  and service history; to each his own. Compression was kept at 8.5:1 so I can use mogas. The Superior sump helps even out EGTs so I run LOP and get  7.5 gph behind a Hartzell blended airfoil prop. My wife can relate to 26 mpg on $2/gal (after road tax credit) gas.
  As much as I disdain the cluttered displays and button festooned EFISs, I like the idea of  solid state "gyros". Maybe there'll be a Dynon board the next project.  That's the joy of experimental aircraft: try something different; open new  territory. Also, I thank those builders who take the time to deal with digital cameras and computers to post such informative web  sites."

John Siebold

[John's userID in the VAFForums is  'RV7ator']

#21/2005: Pat Stewart - [pat.stewart'at'sbcglobal.net]
This is my second RV - the first was another RV-8. This RV-8A is powered by an ECI O-360 from Americas Engines in Tulsa. The panel is IFR complete with a Garmin 430 with CDI/Glideslope, King KLX135A, Garmin 327, Intercom, Trio EZ-Pilot  autopilot, ECI Engine instruments, Dynon EFIS, Seats are fantastic and are from Classic Areo, Hooker Harness and Paint by Grady at Northwest  Regional. I saw an airplane in Oregon with a similar paint job that I liked and made a few modifications. Total build time for this quick build  was one year. Special thanks go to Jay Pratt and Rich Rudolf who were always there to lend a hand. The first flight was done by Jay with Rich and I flying chase.

#20/2005:   Joe  Hart  [joehart 'at' drs.com]
[Here is my] my just completed RV8. It's a pretty much stock RV with a fixed pitch  Sensenich prop and an 0-360 engine. It is equipped with dual Lightspeed electronic ignition and a Grand Rapids EIS system. It flies well, matching Van's advertised performance specifications. After a 30 year Navy career in the Light Attack/Strike Fighter community (A-4s, A-7s, and F/A-18s) I  was anxious to keep flying - and since single seat was my background I chose the RV8. I liked the visibility of the bubble canopy and the ability to look out of both sides of the cockpit that the RV8 offers.
Joe Hart - [joehart 'at' drs.com]
DRS Technologies
RV-8/8A  Forum]

#19/2005:   Jon Weiswasser  jonweisw 'at' rcn.com

   It  is an RV-8, which first flew on July 23, 2004 after 2100h of construction of the standard kit over 2y and 9m. Performance of this 1100lb craft is as published. It has an IO-360M1B with a Whirlwind 200RV propeller and uses dual Lightspeed ignitions. In front of the Oregon Aero interior is an all electric instrument panel consisting of a Dynon D-10, CNX-80, MX-20,  SL-40, GTX-330, WSI, PS engineering audio panel with XM radio, EIS, JPI floscan, and TruTrak Digiflight 200. The small peanut gyro backup is out  of a T-34 which I picked up at OSH in the fly-market and had altered by Airwich to accept 28V with the addition of a converter to my 14V system. The panel was constructed by David Buchwalter at Avionics Systems in Leesburg, VA. It has Sikkens paint, which was applied to perfection by Hagerstown Air Services by David Churchey. I also installed a tail-cam from Helmetcam at the top of the vertical stab.
   Many, many, thanks to RV builders Mike Witte, Craig Moen, Carl Froehlich, and  Curtis Hinkley. Adoration to my wife for tolerating this activity, and  most of all to Van's for such an incredible kit.
Jon  Weiswasser
Washington, DC
RV-8/8A  Forum]

#18/2005: Glenn Wilkinson
After sixteen years and three owners, RV-4 SN# 1898, N654RV took its first flight Oct 5, 2003. It has a new Lycoming O-320-D1A, 160 HP,  fitted with an Ellison TBI and turning a Catto three blade fixed pitch  prop. It is also set-up with inverted oil and fuel and day/night VFR. The paint scheme was inspired by the P-51D known as "Slender, Tender and  Tall", so I call my -4 "Slender, Tender and small". I now have 81 -hrs of  RV fun and lovin' every minute. My plane was completed by Kaolin Aviation and is based @ OKZ. Ray did a fine job...many thanks...let him help you  with your project! (Kaolin Aviation 478-552-9136)

Glenn  Wilkinson
N654RV @ OKZ [gpww at alltel.net]
RV-4 Forum]

#17/2005: Henrique Castro
This is  PP-XRV. Based in city of Belo Horizonte, about 200nm from Sao Paulo – Brazil. I started my RV9A from a standard kit in 2001 and took 4 years building ultil actual stage. The engine is a Continental IO240(125HP) with a sensenich propeller. I was necessary a custom engine mount and cowl to fit this engine, but i believe it worthed the extra time. Now i had about  45 hours on it and planning change the prop to incriase cruising  performance. The good point of this engine is that fuel consuption is only about 4,8gl/hour !. Well that´s it guys, soon i will have a website  showing some pics of the cosntruction as well as pics and videos of flight  around beautiful areas of Brazil...
Henrique Castro 90197
Email: Henriquerv9 'at' hotmail.com
[related: RV-9/9A  Forum]

#16/2005: Dave Grosch
I  started flying my RV6A in July of 2003 after building for 3 1/2 years and have just turned 100 hours on the tack. I have been flying it without paint and just got it back from the paint shop this month. It is beautiful. I'm glad I waited for paint because now I feel like I have a 'new' airplane again. A plug for the paint shop, Sturgis Aviation in Sturgis, MI. Many pilots have gone over the paint job with a fine  toothcomb and we have yet to find any flaws. The plane is IFR ready and equipped with an O-360 engine with a Constant Speed Prop, and has a Navaid autopilot, and the Vision Microsystem Engine Management System. Now I am ready to fly my beautiful airplane to Oshkosh this year to encourage potential builders who are sitting on the fence. Keep pounding those rivets.
Dave Grosch
Dalton Airport (3DA)
Flushing,  MI.
dbgrosch 'at' sbcglobal.net

[related: RV-6/6A  Forum]

#15/2005: Rich Crosley
N948RC first flew 4/17/2005. Started the "long" kit in 1999. Running a stock O-360 with Lazar Ignition and a Catto  prop. The aircraft is based at Rosamond (L00) outside of Edwards Airforce Base. All the help came from my three boys, Ken, Scott and Greg, Mark  Neufeld (building Harmon Rocket), but mostly my wife, Elaine, for giving up the garage and bucking rivets. She does have a list of all the places she wants to go as soon as the flight test period is over. They all seem  to have grandchildren or nice resorts close by. Great ride

#14/2005: Jon Hubbell
This is my RV-6. It is based at MtComfort airport on the east side of Indianapolis. It was completed  12-17-03 after 4 years of building. This was a quickbuild kit. Empty weight is 1077 w paint and interior . Pulling me along is a o-320 lycoming 160hp and a Bernie Warnke toothpick prop. Custom paint is by Jamie Mathews. Custom Leather seats by Randy Keeker aircraft interiors. I had  lots of help along the way. So a very special thanks go out to my wife Lori. Larry Flagg, John Marshall, Boyd Birchler , And many others. Awards include Best Workmanship Sun n Fun 2004, & Outstanding Workmanship Oshkosh 2004.

Jon Hubbell 60357 N700JL 
n700jl 'at'  msn.com

#13/2005: Mike  & Mary Reddick
On Saturday, March 19, 2005, we flew N167CW to Georgetown, Tx, for a  homecoming of sorts. The day marked 250 flight hours since purchasing our RV-6A from the estate of the builder, Hal Smith.

When I picked up the keys from the family’s agent he made a short remark that has stuck with me to this date. He said “you realize that you’re now the test  pilot”. There were a few bugs to be worked out since the builder died before getting everything working how it should.

Thanks to the RV community, Rich Rudolph, Jay Pratt, & Bill Akin in particular, I now have a much finer RV than the day I flew it home in September of 2003. We have lived through a catastrophic engine failure only 7 flight hours after buying the plane and two major oil leaks that forced us to make emergency  landings. Now, after going through a major conversion to a Hartzell prop, getting the autopilot fine tuned and wired properly (thanks Rich!), and  adding a few personal touches, we have an RV that we can really enjoy on  our trips to see family in Colorado, Michigan, Georgia, & Florida.

Can’t wait to get in the air and see all those folks!

Thanks Van for creating such fine airplanes and thanks to  Doug, for creating a common area that we can all come together and share  our experiences with the stroke of a few keys and clicks of the  mouse!

Mike & Mary Reddick - michaelreddick 'at'  yahoo.com
Fort Worth, TX (T67)

#12/2005: John Chandler
   Dear Doug and fellow builders, go buck some rivets. This thing is a ball to fly and a  pussycat to land. RV7A N5SP {Vagabond II} flew for the first time Jan 24 this year. In two months time I've flown off my time {40hr} and now  Vagabond has 67hrs on the Hobbs. The power is a IO-360-A1A 200hp with a CS  prop, full IFR panel, Tru-Trak A/P, and Abby's interior by Finish Line  Interiors. Abby does a beautiful job and a dear to work with. Vagabond came in a little heavy, 1141lbs, but the performance is close to Van's specks.
Top speed at 8,000ft is 210mph by the 4 way GPS test, not  213mph as per Van, but what's 3mph. If I could lose about 40lbs, as per my Cardiologist, and I might pick up that 3mph. Cold day in hell.
   With a full panel of gyro's, I've had the courage to  do one aileron roll and the gyro's survived. There must be some good way  to turn off the vacuum and not have to worry about trashing them. Any ides?
   See everyone at Sun-Fun.
John Chandler {Vagabond  II} at Leeward Air Ranch Ocala, Fl.
[n445sp at comcast.net]

#11/2005: N819VK

   I completed it in July '04. A few of the specs - Sam  James cowling, wing root fairings, and wheel pants, brand new Lycoming  O-360-A1A, Hartzell constant speed, Classic Aero Design intertior, Acry  Glo paint in Matterhorn white by Sherwin Williams, stripe by Freedom Sign,  Dynon D-10, Garmin 430, Garmin 327 transponder, ACS engine monitor,  DigiTrak autopilot, Aerox oxygen system, panel mount Bose headsets, Sony  computer with PC Avionics MountainScope software mounted with mount by AirGator. I purchased the kit partially completed from another builder and completed it with some very professional help from Mike Million, a accomplished RV builder. Painted by Mike Weber in Dodge City, KS. 150  hours later the fun is just beginning!

Vince Koehn  [vkoehn at ucom.net]
Montezuma, KS

#10/2005:  Vance Noles

#9/2005: Bob/Jeanine Axsom
   I picked up the plane from Gray's Aircraft Refinishers this afternoon. I literally spent years developing this color scheme. I believe it came out quite well. The  paint is imron with clear coat. It is a quick built kit that I spent  4098.8 logged and photo documented hours building. Hopefully, it will receive an honorable mention in it's show year but regardless there is a lot of pride in this house tonight.
   I should add that Don Gray did the actual painting and his "Gray's Aircraft Refinishing" is  located in the large hangar at the east end of the Franklin County Airport in Ozark, Arkansas. The price is almost exactly 1/2 the quote I got before leaving California.

Bob & Jeanine Axsom
RV-6A  N710BJ
jeanine axsom [jeaninebob at cox.net]

   I scanned in this photo taken just after we received  our preview plans set on May 9, 1996.
It has been a long grinding trip to get to the beautiful looking plane we have today.

Robert Stack
Thought  you might like to know who has the new RV8 making all of the scary  landings at 52f. I bought the aircraft from a gentleman in Phoenix. I have  done a pretty extensive examination to get to "know" it before I took to  the air - what a difference from my old Bonanza. I never thought that I  would be happy with any other airplane. Boy, was I wrong!
I'm in a steady state of "grin"!
  Robert M. Stack
  Bedford, Texas
  (817) 891-2304

Clark Friedgen
[clarkfriedgen at sbcglobal.net]
   I took ownership of this RV6A in September of last  year, and I have never stopped doing upgrades to it since. The plane was  flying well when I bought it, including a nice VFR panel with a vacuum  system and a simple Val radio. It runs an 0320 E2D, which climbs and  cruises excellent! After doing my insurance mandated flight instruction in it, I have since put in about 25 hours flight time. It's so fun! The  workmanship of the builder is above average according to some of the RV guys at EAA local chapter 14 in San Diego.
   I have since  added a quick drain oil plug, as well as completing the carburetor heat system. I also later added more goodies to the panel including a Garmin 295 GPS and an ECC intercom. The big job was painting the plane (the builder flew with only the fiberglass parts painted), which was two months of hard but satisfying work. I felt more connected to my plane by painting N4361V myself (in the homebuilder's spirit). I used the non toxic AFS  paint system and it came out great. Now I'm just waiting for better  weather to go bore holes in the sky with my friends.
Clark Friedgen cell phone 619-920-4830

N51PW is nekkid no more! After first aviating on January 31, 2004 at the capable  hands of test pilot/CFI Mike Kellems, and adding about 150 hours into her  logbook, including trips to S&F and OSH, she now is properly  attired.  Credentials include E3D 150 hp Lycoming, Craig Catto prop,  Microair radios, rather unconventional panel including EFIS/PFD via Dell  PDAs & PCFlightSystems AHARS (had enough?), DJ leather seats and a  whole bunch of really wierd stuff you'll just have to check out for yourself from the deepest, darkest and dankest recesses of The PossumWorks in TN! I'd really like to thank all the folks on the RV-list, Aeroelectric  List, my Dad, and fellow members of EAA Chapter 1321 in Lewisburg TN, especially John DeYager for all his best buckin' in the world, and tech advisor C.C."Ace" Cannon for his limitless assistance and perspective. Also, all you ultra-commited internet aces such as Sam Buchanan, Doug Reeves, and Dan Checkaway, just to name a few! Sure woulda been a major  B#$%H without y'all!

Oh yeah- the Dutchman from Oregon gets his credit too- yoo da man, Van! Time to start makin' the  rounds...

Mark Phillips - Columbia, TN
fiveonepw 'at' aol.com

Week 5 of 2005
N99PZ on one of her many adventures since first flight on Feb. 8, 2000. The setting is after  fueling at Hinton OK on the 25th of December, 2003. The runway was windswept snow and ice and my wife, for the first time ever, was worried about my ability to get us airborne on the ice covered runway. I said  jokingly, OK, I'll come back in Dad's truck as soon as I get to Nacogdoches and pick you up. I thought she was joking!  She told me later about the not joking part. She still flies with me and we have landed on many snow covered runways since but now do a low pass to access the condition of the runway before landing.
Gary Zilik - [zilik at direcpc.com]

Week 4 of 2005
Harris,  JW John [winn.harris at L-3com.com]
Based at 52F

Week 3 of 2005
Jim/Sharon Murray
...photo and text by Gary Palinkas [gary at skyviewphotography.com]
Just a few quick notes about the picture I sent you of Jim and Sharon Murray's RV-9a:
   N897JS is based in Venice, Fl (KVNC) and Jim and Sharon live in Bradenton, Fl. They have 104 hrs on the  airplane as of today and the aircraft has been in Maine where they spend  their summers. Jim and Sharon pounded every single rivet themselves, no QB  for them thank you, and they really enjoyed the building process. The  aircraft has been equipped for full IFR and some of the goodies are: Garmin 530, DigiTrak Autopilot and a host of other avionics, including traffic avoidance transponder equipment. Jim painted the plane himself  using Sherwin-Williams Sunfire and is happy how it came out. From start to  finish it took about 2 1/2 years with a summer or two off. N897JS has a 160 hp Lycoming swinging a Hartzell prop and it cruises comfortably at about 160 mph with a top end of 180 mph.
   Jim says "keep  pounding them rivets, it well worth it", as they enjoy traveling in their new RV-9a."
Gary Palinkas
Skyview  Photography
Venice, Florida

Week 2 of 2005
Roger  Hirschbein [woodmanr at bellsouth.net]
I thought  that since I am at this I should send in a photo of the week of the plane Myra and I bought a few months ago. We purchased this plane as an interim plane till we get our RV9A built. This plane was finished in 2004 by Marvin Alvarez. He unfortunately lost his medical and he and his partner  had to sell. I took possession the day after hurricane Charlie passed over  Florida. If the storm had hit Tampa as predicted, it surely would have been destroyed.  I got lucky. I am going to do some mods like I did  on the last plane and will write an article for you.  Presently this  plane has a 160HP engine and Sensenich wood prop combo. It is full IFR  certified. We generally fly at about 2350-2400 rpm and get an honest 7  gallons an hour at about 140 knots gps ground speed. Great paint job, don't you think?
Roger Hirschbein "Woodman"

Week 1 of 2005
Ross Farnham [sds7778 at telus.net]
Here is a  photo of our RV6A. Power is from a turbocharged, intercooled, injected, Subaru EJ22. Prop is an IVO magnum 3 blade. Redrive is a Marcotte 2.2 to 1. Empty weight 1136lbs. with interior, soundproofing, heavy VFR panel,  R&D electronics, ELT etc. Gross 1750. First flew in Nov. 2003, now has 75 flight hours. Max speed 181 knots so far at 17,000 feet, cruise 160-170 knots at 8-12,000 feet on 9.7 gal./hr.
Ross Farnham
Racetech Inc.

#52 of 2004
...sent in by Roger  Hirschbein [woodmanr at bellsouth.net]
  I thought I would give you a couple of entries of my friend's planes cause they are too modest to write for themselves. Following is N241RB.
   Rich and Patti Jankowski built this Sun  and Fun winner from a scratch built. To date it has won numerous awards including best homebuilt at Sun &Fun, Best homebuilt at SERFI and  winner of the Sun 100 air race in 2004. Rich is always chasing more speed  in this beauty. The last I heard, it was clocking out at a top speed of 230 plus mph in level flight. It just goes to show what Van's aircraft can  do when all of the little details are taken care of.

Bill Freckman  N269BF RV-6A
It's my  second homebuilt (the first was a scratch-built Acro Sport II).  Slow build variety (I bought the empennage and wing kit from the widow of Paul  Hookey. Paul had only started the empennage). 6-1/2 yrs start to finish as; 1) I had a good plane to fly and and 2) Money 3) I really like to  build.
Engine - Penn Yan built ECI/Lycoming 0-360 A-1-A (180 hp)  with Lightspeed Plasma II Ignition. Sky-Tec starter, Mark Landoll Harmonic  Dampener
Prop - Wooden, Performance Propeller by Clark Lydick of  Patagonia, AZ
Instruments - VFR (I'm a fair weather pilot). I like the lightweight options of Becker compact Transceiver and Microair  Transponder (both weigh less than a pound and take up only a 2-1/4" dia hole space.
First Flight - December 3, 2003 with Jay Pratt flying chase
Paint - Nova Yellow and Viper Metallic Blue trim  applied by GLO at NW Regional
Bill Freckman - [bfreckman at  comcast.net]
Euless, TX

The RV I would like to show you is a RV-6A. The  owner is Kieth Newcomer, but my father and I fly it because he lives in Costa Rica and the plane is in Covington, GA. We have a three blade Catto Propeller on it right now.  The plane is based at Covington Municipal  Airport (9A1) in Georgia. The plane’s N number is 13KN. The plane was  bought almost half way done so my father, my uncle, and I built it the  rest of the way. We finally finished the plane in October of 2002. The in flight picture is 13KN flying with me in another RV6A with an N number of  678DS with a partner Dick Siders at the controls.
  P.S. you can email me at ryannewcomer4 at hotmail.com. If you would like to know, I am 14 years old and have over 25 hours logged in the plane and it has only 250 hours TT engine and airframe.
Ryan Newcomer

David Schaefer [dschaefer1 at  kc.rr.com]
RV-6A  N142DS A.K.A. “Geek One” made its first flight on October 4, 2004. It has a Mattituck IOF-360 (FADEC) engine with a Hartzell Blended Airfoil CS prop  and a Sam James plenum. The panel is equipped for IFR with three Grand  Rapids EFIS I’s, Garmin 430’s / 330, Tru-Trak and Avidyne on-board  weather. The aircraft has two complete electrical systems to power the  all-electric panel, hence the moniker from my pilot friends; “GEEK ONE”.  Credit goes to my wife Dottie for allowing me to ‘live’ with the airplane  for two years and to Bob and Jackie Lynch, for without their mentoring, training and friendship it would never have flown. The aircraft is a joy to fly and smooth as silk.

#142: Jerry Driskill [JDriskill at ks-usa.net]
Blue Sreak AKA N456JD is rv-8 KIT #80485. It was originally purchased and construction started by Moe Colintinio. I bought  it from him in January of 2002. It was finished and inspected on 6 November 2004 1st flight happened shortly thereafter as several EAA'ers  showed up to get the panels on and ready for flight. The 1st flight was uneventful except for engine baffling rubber fluttering and mildly left  wing heavy. Both problems have since been eliminated. The engine is an ECI  Titan 0-360-A!A with Hartzell CSP. The gas gage is the only steam gage in the cockpit. everything else is digital. Dynon EFS, Grand Rapids EIS,  Electro-air electronic ignition right side with automotive sparkplugs on  top. Digi-trak autoilot coupled to an AvMap IIIC GPS. Micro-Air 720 radio with intercom. rear throttle and pedals, tinted canopy and Becky Orndorff  interior. My thanks go out to some special people who helped on this  project. Mike Logback, Greg Davis, and especially my bride of some 20 years Marian.
   Builders Profile. A&P Mechanic, Retired U.S. Air Force-Master Sergeant, Retired cropduster, retired Airline  Mechanic, and still working. Currently looking for the right deal for my  next project.

Thomas Moore [thomasmoore at charter.net]
I am now flying my RV-7A with a Eggenfellner Subaru H6 engine. The first flight was on Sep 14th 2004 out of Brookings, OR. I now have 50 hrs on it and both the aircraft and the engine are running perfect. The  airplane will cruise at about 165kts at 8000', but I ussally use economy cruise with the prop at 1700 rpm burning 5 to 6 gph at 140kts. I have attached a couple of pictures for you. I hope you enjoy them.
Tom  Moore.

Nick Knobil
First flight was on January 14th, 2003, on a cold  cold (-22C) morning in Wiscasset, Maine. Needless to say, the performance kept my blood flowing (and that's putting it mildly).
   'The  Peril' features a straight 0-360-A1A from Bart Lalonde at Aero Sport  Power, dual Lightspeed ingitions driven by crank-angle sensors, a  Whirlwind 200C composite constant speed prop, and an Ellison Throttle Body. Electrical design courtesy of Bob Nuckolls and the AeroElectric  Connection. Nifty digital goodies from Rocky Mountain Instruments. Seats  from Oregon Aero, and the fun paint job by Prestige Aircraft up in Swanton, VT (Thanks Dick!).
   Do I like it? OH YEAH....250  tach hours and counting as fast and as often as I can get away with it.
Nick Knobil
Bowdoinham, Maine
nknobil at gwi.net

Gene Kasson
I purchased my RV-6 in May,2004 from the A&P builder in Lago Vista, TX. It has an O-320-E3D, Catto composite 74" pitch prop, dual Lightspeed electronic ignition, electric flaps/aileron/elevator trim, and  full Cleveland Tool interior with insulated side panels. The plane came with the old style aluminum gear fairings, which were replaced with late style fiberglass fairings (thanks to Jay Pratt at RV Central!).  New  landing gear, fairings, upper & lower cuffs installed by RV craftsman Jim Frazee. The entire plane was recently painted by Gillis Aircraft  Painting, Tuttle, OK., and turned out beautiful! Colors are JetGlo  Matterhorn White, AcryGlo Light Burgundy metallic, and AcryGlo Cloud Grey  metallic with clear coat. I went from a 90 mph '49 Luscombe 8F to a 200 mph RV-6, and I'm havin' a BALL!!!
GKasson at aol.com

Here's my new RV-6.5. I call it that because it has a lot of RV-7 parts on it.  She has a Lycoming IO-360-M1B bored .010 over ported/polished cylinders, tuned induction, tuned exhaust, Hartzell constant speed prop, full gyro  panel, full interior, day/night VFR, CD player, Electric aileron/elevator  trim, and even a tail wheel fairing that is full swivel. She came in at 1099lbs, a little heavier than I wanted, however, with all the goodies it's light. Haven't made the first flight yet, still waiting on the  inspection. Will let you know she flies soon. Thanks, Aden. [agrich2 at  hotmail.com]

N556KR took to the skies on August 6, 2004.  I got some dual time with Sam  Benjamin (13,000 hr,RV-9A pilot) the week prior in preparation for the  first test flight. The dual time was definitely worthwhile because I knew exactly what to expect from the plane. The only squawk from the first was  a slight oil leak from the oil cooler fitting. An additional turn of the  fitting fixed that. The plane is a pleasure to fly. The level of control sensitivity and harmony is perfect. The performance is amazing. All my pilot buddies marvel at the climb rate after lifting off from our 7171'  elevation airport here in northern New Mexico. Since the first flight,  I've been flying the pants off of this thing. As of 10/9, N556KR has 71.9 hours. My wife Kris (the "K" in N556KR, she drove about 3000 of the rivets in this plane) and I have taken four cross country flights already, the  latest being Copperstate Regional Fly-In. 
   My son  told me that the world has shrunk. So true. Eleven hour drives have now become two and a half hour flights. A much better way to go!   Particulars: Aero Sport Power IO-320-D1A, C/S Hartzell prop , AFP  injection, LSE ignition, night VFR, 160 kt cruise.
Robert Whitaker [rmwhitaker at lanl.gov]

Kelly Dunn. 
N2278D (25471) flew after 6 years of slow build. The build was a joint effort with my son. We also built RLA LL54 (RV'rs  welcome) during the construction period which added year to the RV  completion date.

The old man got the first flight. All went as  advertised. Upon landing from the second hop, One word described it all.  When asked by his mother,"How was it"?, he just keep repeating  "Unbelievable". We both agree, this is the best aircraft we have ever  flown.

N2278D is powered by Lyc O-360 with high compression pistons turning a Hartzell constant speed prop with Airflow Performance fuel injection and Lightspeed Electronic Ignition. Performance is awsome.

Thanks to the EAA, Vans, and (checked daily) Vansairforce.net.

Kelly Dunn [n2278g at earthlink.net]

N543ST took its first flight May 10, 2003. My expectations were all that and  more. The RV-6A is equipped with a Lycoming 0-360-A1A and a Hartzell CS prop. The panel is equipped for IFR and has a trutrak autopilot. It took approximately 5 years to complete. The plane was painted by Flying Kolors in Riverside, CA. In July 2003, My wife and I flew to Oshkosh by way of  North Carolina to visit Kill Devil Hills as a remembrance to the Wright  Bros First Flight. Unfortunately, weather did not permit us to get there, so we flew to Long Island, New York to visit family. Our arriving in Oshkosh, WI for the Air Adventure 2003 “100th Year of Flight” was the  highlight of our trip before returning home. To date we have 275 hours  logged. Thanks to Van’s Aircraft for making our flying dream come true.
Todd Ehlinger -  [rvflight at adelphia.net]
Chino, CA

RV-4 N259JB SN-620 It's First flight on May 25 2003. 13 years on and off  building. Standard old kit. It has a Lyc. 0320-D2J 160Hp with a Sensenich 70CM7S9-0-81 Prop. Empty weight 987lbs.Currently have 123 hrs on a/c. It performs as per Van's specs or better. Painted by Blue Sky Aviation Loris SC. Always a smile on my face.
Jim Bendel
Sumter,  SC
Jbendel at sc.rr.com

RV7 731RV took its first flight on June 17th with Tom Irlbeck  conducting the test flight. It has an Aerosport O-360-A1A and a Hartzell  prop. It is equipped for IFR and also has a Trutrak autopilot. It weighs  in at 1105#. This plane is really fast and is a lot of fun to fly. The paint job was done by Paul Irlbeck and came out great. Special thanks to Paul for all of his help on the project. I'd also like to thank the many members of the Twin Cities RV builders group for answering many of my questions. I really wrestled with the question of whether or not to build  a taildragger. My first lesson in a taildragger was in April of this year.  I also took transition training from Alex Dedominicis (Thanks Alex!) and  felt very comfortable for the first flight. I'm looking forward to a couple of long trips in the Spring.
John Jordan
Eden Prairie,  MN
RV7driver at yahoo.com

RV-8 N926MM is named the MaddiWagon after my daughter Madison. It has an IO-360-B1E and a Hartzell prop. It weighs  1087# and is VFR Day/Night with a u-encoder, EIS 4000, GPS196, TC, analog airspeed and altimeter. To keep it light I used an Odyssey battery mounted in the forward baggage well, and Grove non-aerodynamic landing gear. It performs as advertised and is a hoot to fly.
   First flight  was May 2003 and I currently have 190 hours on it.
   The paint job was done by Danny Hatch and is unique in that, only when the sun shines on it the right way can you see the checkerboard patterns.
Ed Perry
San Diego, CA
edperry64 at yahoo.com

Robbie Attaway
[robbie at attawayair.com]

I  just flew my new RV6 on 7-31-04 and got a few pictures. I started this  aircraft Oct. 2002 and first flight was July 31,2004. The first flight was  uneventful and I have has no squaks except high oil temp which I am slowly getting under control. The aircraft was a pleasure to fly with the new ECI IO 360 kit engine. It was the 4th ECI that I have assembled and performs as I expected. This is the second RV I have built and am now planning an RV10 with the new ECI IO 540 kit engine. Scratch that, I can't say anything about the ECI 540 engine yet. Robbie Attaway

#130: Bill Neff.  RV-6 N220CB

Bill bases his RV-6 at NW Regional near me (52F) and very  recently started flying his RV-6.  It is a standard kit with RMI  microEncoder and microMonitor and Navaid autopilot.

#130: Roberta Hegy (and  Richard)
Oliver III, our new RV-7A, on it's first EAA Airventure visit. Rich and I were volunteers at the aircraft registration  building near Aeroshell Square, so we were able to be near the plane to  show it off. Got to meet many of our RV internet friends, many new RV owners at the show, and some of our SeaRey friends. The show was Great and there were many RV's in attendance. My guess is at least 400 RV's were there. We flew in on Saturday and flew back home on Friday after the  airshow. We plan on being at the Van's Banquet on Saturday and the awards ceremony on Sunday.
   So far we have about 60 squawk free hrs. on our 7A and the performance has been better that Van's posted numbers. We are very happy with the Lycoming 0-360 A1A and the Hartzell  Blended Airfoil C/S prop (74"). 2400 rpm at 8000 msl is giving us an  honest 204 mph cruise and our climb performance is exceeding 1800 fpm at over 110 mph. Cross wind landings are easy and uneventful and high density altitudes are no problem. Leadville, CO was a blast. Can't say enough nice  things about Van's Aircraft. They are Great!
Roberta Hegy

#129: Clayton Beggs [seytourism at yahoo.co.uk]
   Here are a few shots of the RV I built in Indonesia , unfortunately I had to sell it at a loss due to corruption in  the country..   The engine is a o360 a3a with a christen inverted oil and Airflow injection system.. a lot of mods ..
Mike Beggs

128: Jørn Møller [rv8pilot  at tdcadsl.dk]
This is  my RV 8 ser.no 81624 slow build reg OY-RVS under flight trial for 50  hours, flies just great, VFR-day O-360 sensenich metal prop.  Construction time 26 months, paperwork 6 months but the smile is hard to wipe off.  Picture by E.Frikke taken at Stauning airport
Jorn Moller

#127: Steve Adams [s_adams1  at cox.net]
Well there's another RV in the skies over So. California. N84SA took to the skies on Aug 7th 2003. Everything went fine on first flight, Oil temps  were well behaved, the performance was scintillating to say the least. I'm  using the O-360 carbureted with the Hartzell blended airfoil constant speed. Empty weight came in at 1093 lbs. Day/night VFR panel. Normal cruise is indicating 175 Kts. at 21"map and 2300 RPM at 5500'. burning  around 8.3 GPH. Our plane has a little over 78 hours on it since new. Building time was around 2/12 years. I lost count after a while. Credit  goes to my wife Katie for allowing me to stay long hours at the airport struggling to finish the plane. She's a real trooper to put up with this  crazy avocation. Hopefully by the time you get this posted I'll be in Arlington and or Oshkosh for the fly-in
Thanks: Steve D. Adams

#126: Mike Talovich's  RV-8 Now Flying
[ed. Kenneth sent (2) pictures that were so  good I couldn't decide on just one...so I put them both up. DR]
   I am sending you this info for my brother who does not have computer access at the moment.
His RV8 (N532M) took approx 5 years to construct and is based in Farmington, New Mexico. Last year I flew my 6 out from Turlock , California in late September to give him a good check out and the 8 was first flown in October, 2003
   He flew off his 25 hours and then took it to the  paint shop. It came out of the paint booth 3 weeks ago.
   I took the attached photos during a photo mission last Sunday just west  of Shiprock New Mexico.
   We plan on seeing you guys at Las Cruces later this year.
Current Stats
30 hrs on  the tach
Hartzell C/S
VFR night panel
Cool paint job
Lots of fun
KT - Kenneth_Talovich at  fpl.com
#125: Tobias Dagöö [t.dagoo at bredband.net]
My -4 flew for the first time in 1990 being the second completed here in Sweden. I bought it in September -02 from the builder. No major  problems so far.. Impressive utility in this little plane! Powered by a o-320 swinging a standard wood prop. This winter the plane was stripped and repainted and a Dynon D-10 was installed, also the second one flying in Sweden to my knowledge! Working just great so far.. I really love the  plane. And this spring one of my best friends bought a -4 to, looking  forward to some formation flying this summer!
Tobias Dagoo, SE-XIO Stockholm, Sweden
#124: Steve  Campbell
When I started my slow-build RV-6 in the Fall of '97, I had  hoped to complete it in time to participate in the 2003 Centennial of Flight celebrations, but unfortunately, it didn't quite work out that  way. However, after 2620 man-hours, I did fly the plane in 2003, albeit  at the 11th hour. On December 30th, N601SC flew for the first time just a few short hours after receiving its airworthiness certificate. I elected to fly off my test period before having the plane painted  (white, metallic navy, and metallic copper). Power is from an  O320-D2A with a Unison Lasar Ignition system and a Sensenich prop. The panel is basic VFR with a Grand Rapids engine monitor; there's no vacuum  system or VOR. However, I did leave ample room for the Dynon. Empty weight (before paint) was 992 lbs. It flies just great!
Now that the plane is "done" it's time to move onto other things - like marriage. In fact, my lovely wife-to-be suggested we have a fly-out wedding reception (no, really - it was her idea). If you are in the Dayton, Ohio area the evening of Saturday June 26, please drop into Waco Field (1WF) (Home of the Waco Historical Society). We ordered an extra large cake and would love to share it with  the RV community. Just show up and we'll serve you right up.
Steve Campbell
Dayton Ohio
N601SC at  earthlink.net

Steven Scriven
[sscriven at us.ibm.com]
"My RV9A slow build took it's first flight on April 28th 2004 after 3 years and 3 months of construction. It is powered by a Bob Barrrow's built 160-HP O-320 turning a constant speed prop. It is equipped with a Dynon EFIS  and Trutrack's DigI-Trak and Alt-Trak, all avionics work perfectly. The plane is true joy to fly and now has 50+ hours."
#122: Nathan Larson
Attached is a photo of RV9E N217JT. It was featured as a "builder of the week: some time ago. Declared airworthy  and 1st flight 19 November, 2003 after exactly two years of slow build building. Currently has 140+ hours. Powered by an Eggenfellner Subaru  with a Quinti Prop. Full UPS panel with MX-20, GX-60, SL 30. A Sandel  3308 EHSI, Dynon D-10 and STEC 30 autopilot. Fresh from the paint shop she weighs in at 1116 lbs.
   We've visited friends in  Arizona, and rock stars in Cleveland, with trips planned to Florida,  Oshkosh, and California scheduled for later this year. From here in the middle of the U.S. any of the 48 states is less than 8 hours flying  time, what a time machine.
Nathan Larson
N217JT RV9E rvatornate at hotmail.com

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